Return will be made only if the item has manufacturing defects.

If there is a mistake in the article sent, keeping the original cellophane wrap (site) and without presenting signs of abuse.

The physical change of the same will be applied only if it was reported during the first 72 hours after its delivery, to the following numbers or e-mail:

Customer service: (33) 10393864



Recuerda que el producto se deberá encontrar en buenas condiciones para hacer válido el cambio, por lo que Bendita Lima no podrá realizarlo en los siguientes casos:

Si fue manipulado por terceros no autorizados.

Por uso inadecuado al especificado.


The delivery time starts from the application of the payment, which will be notified by email in an approximate period of 48 to 72 hours from the purchase.

When you receive your package, we recommend you check the package that does not present any defect or alteration, if so, please do not receive it, write down the comments on the courier ballot or report it immediately to the customer service area by telephone or send email


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